The images from this section all come from two days I spent in Paris, France. This was my first visit to Paris and the excitement of seeing so many iconic places in person reminded me, to a certain extent, of family vacations I took as a child. If we went to Disney World I knew ahead of time what I would be seeing from all of the photos I had seen, from hearing friends talk about it, and from bits and pieces I had seen on television. But seeing it in person was, of course, so much better.

Because of this I decided to try and recreate the feeling of old travel snaps with these photos. Many were edited to capture the feeling of old black and white photos. Others were actually shot on a vintage 110 film camera. The camera doesn’t have a very good lens, the negative is tiny and not capable of resolving a tremendous amount of detail, but the photos feel magical to me because they look just like the photos I remember from my childhood. Being  bit blurry and having a certain level of saturation makes these images shot in 2016 look like they could have easily been taken in 1976.

These photographs act like two dimensional time machines for me, taking me back in time and allowing me to see Paris as I imagine it would have looked many years ago. They are my attempt to combine technology with magic. I hope you enjoy them.

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